What’s your story?

What’s Your Story?

Modern Muse Media is a video production company that teaches businesses and individuals how to produce their own video for social media, how to build up their social brand and how to take social media marketing to the next level through video.

Need help getting started with video?

Modern Muse can help you figure out what kind of video is right for your company. Then we can teach you how to create it, yourself. Simply, consistently, efficiently. This way you can build your brand and reach your customers in a whole new way. Your way. Time to level up.

Revolutionary? Yes.


Interested? We have a program. Let’s talk.

What’s your story?


Why we do what we do

So, why would we teach our clients how to do what we do?

Good question.

It’s like a baker hosting classes on baking. Or an accountant showing their clients how to set up their books.

Some bakers might think it’s wise to keep their knowledge to themselves. But some bakers believe the more good bread there is, the happier and healthier we’ll all be. Those bakers know that some of their customers will always want their bread baked for them. While others will prefer to do it themselves. Same with Modern Muse. And once someone we’ve trained starts making video on their own, we get to enjoy more great video, too.

We believe in building community. We invite each trainee who completes our program to join an active group of accomplished video producers with fresh ideas, great energy and a desire to share what they’ve learned.

In the end, this is #winning

What’s So Special About Modern Muse Media?

What’s so special about Modern Muse Media?

Our experience.

We’ve worked extensively in film, television, radio, theatre, live event production, studio production, on camera and off. We’ve worked with, and learned from, some of the best in the business. We love what we do. We’ve won awards for our work. And now we bring our insights and technical skills to work for people like you.

Modern Muse Media is what happens when a bunch of professional broadcasters and film makers join the digital revolution and bring their game from the big screen to the small screen.

We’re also in the know.

Years ago we saw how the Internet was changing everything we did. What used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, would soon cost… well… hundreds. Something real was happening. We watched as people with tiny camcorders started to earn millions of YouTube subscribers, while network television stations lost both viewers and revenue. We watched it all go down. But, rather than deny the inevitable, we embraced the new, and stood in awe at the sheer possibility.

We’ve been studying this new media landscape for years. We know how it works. We know it matters less about how much the cameras cost, and more about how good the story is.

The Modern Muse Media Video Training Program

Want to know more about our Social Media Video Training Program?

Modern Muse Media offers a unique solution for getting your business into the fast lane of producing social media video.

Our Social Media Video Training Program is a 30-hour skills-upgrade for one or more of your employees, designed to teach them why, how and when to use video for your business. Each session is customized for both the business and the person being trained. We determine exactly what your needs are, and then give you the tools to achieve your goals.

And… as part of our program, your trainee gets to work with us on a professional video project for your business, for whatever purpose you need.

You get a one-of-a-kind training program, on-going community support, your own produced video, and an experience that will empower your employee to produce video for your company well into the future.

If you recognize your business’ need for video, contact us to get the ball rolling.

If you would like to know more about our Social Media Video Training Program, click here.

Modern Muse Media is a full service video production company

We produce amazing video, too.

Modern Muse Media is also a full service video production company.


From award winning multi-season episodic television, to behind the scenes documentaries, to silly little video vignettes, Modern Muse Media draws from its collective decades of hands-on industry experience to focus on the only thing that matters…

your story.


Okay, here’s where to find us:

Westbrook Shopping Centre
#210, 11 Fairway Drive, Edmonton, AB T6J 2W4


Because we’re often out of the office, on shoots, or scouting for locations, we do not support regular office hours. If you would like to meet with us in person, please contact us to set up an appointment.

Email: info @ modernmusemedia.ca

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