Why we do what we do

So, why would we teach our clients how to do what we do?

Good question.

It’s like a baker hosting classes on baking. Or an accountant showing their clients how to set up their books.

Some bakers might think it’s wise to keep their knowledge to themselves. But some bakers believe the more good bread there is, the happier and healthier we’ll all be. Those bakers know that some of their customers will always want their bread baked for them. While others will prefer to do it themselves. Same with Modern Muse. And once someone we’ve trained starts making video on their own, we get to enjoy more great video, too.

We believe in building community. We invite each trainee who completes our program to join an active group of accomplished video producers with fresh ideas, great energy and a desire to share what they’ve learned.

In the end, this is #winning