What’s So Special About Modern Muse Media?

What’s so special about Modern Muse Media?

Our experience.

We’ve worked extensively in film, television, radio, theatre, live event production, studio production, on camera and off. We’ve worked with, and learned from, some of the best in the business. We love what we do. We’ve won awards for our work. And now we bring our insights and technical skills to work for people like you.

Modern Muse Media is what happens when a bunch of professional broadcasters and film makers join the digital revolution and bring their game from the big screen to the small screen.

We’re also in the know.

Years ago we saw how the Internet was changing everything we did. What used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, would soon cost… well… hundreds. Something real was happening. We watched as people with tiny camcorders started to earn millions of YouTube subscribers, while network television stations lost both viewers and revenue. We watched it all go down. But, rather than deny the inevitable, we embraced the new, and stood in awe at the sheer possibility.

We’ve been studying this new media landscape for years. We know how it works. We know it matters less about how much the cameras cost, and more about how good the story is.