Trailer Park Boys

John Dunsworth and Patrick Roach

In May of this year, Modern Muse Media Junior Producer Sariah Thompson-Wood took a small crew with her to Denizen Hall to interview Patrick Roach and John Dunsworth, also known worldwide by fans of The Trailer Park Boys as Randy and Mr Lahey.The comedy duo was in Edmonton on their “No Pants Unpissed” tour to perform their live comedy show. During their interview, John and Patrick opened up about their life on the road, filming the Trailer Park Boys tv show, their beloved characters, and the love they receive from their audiences.

“I went to Saint Mary’s University and got my Commerce degree and now I get paid to take my clothes off.” Patrick Roach, who plays Randy, joked. “So that’s pretty impressive.”

The veteran comics have done around 1000 comedy shows since they started in 2006 and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

The idea to tour came about a few years after of working on the show, Trailer Park Boys. They organized some comedy shows throughout Nova Scotia and the response they received inspired them to branch out across North America to share the humour based off the characters from the cult tv show.

“What do you do when you get a standing ovation?” John Dunsworth inquired, “You want more!”

John and Pat shared their thoughts on what it is like to be consistently recognized as their characters from the tv show. John Dunsworth, although most recognized as Mr Lahey, is an incredibly accomplished actor, winning awards for his work in theatre, and appearing in countless other tv shows and films.

John Doyle from The Globe and Mail on Dunsworth: “there are hard-working actors and then there are a few such as Dunsworth – man of a thousand roles.”
“People can call me Lahey,” Dunsworth says. Neither actor minds being recognised by people on a regular basis.

“Sometimes they’ll give me a cheeseburger or [John] some liquor,” Patrick recalls.

Surprisingly, John is the exact opposite from his character. He doesn’t touch liquor in his day-to-day life. “Even though I say it’s more fun to pretend to be drunk than it is to be drunk, [the fans] love it! Because they know it’s an act.”

This 4-part series is a peek into the hearts and minds of these well-loved comedians. Each of the videos touches upon topics that helped shape them into who they are today, and how to they got to where they are now.

We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them.