Social Media Video Production Program - Level 1

24 Training Hours

Delivered virtually or in-person – based on client preference

Training Cost: $6,000 CAD + GST

This foundational training program is designed to teach participants the
basic technical skills needed to plan and execute high quality videos that effectively capture and broadcast the stories they want to tell online. Through a series of structured modules, participants will gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in video production, from conceptualization to post-production.

Delivered virtually or in-person – based on client preference

Eligible for Canada Alberta Job Grant covering 2/3 of the total cost $10,000 CAD + GST
 ($3,333.03 CAD + GST after Grant Application)

Seize this opportunity to invest in your future, with the majority of the expense offset by the generous grant support.


Module #1

(4 hr.)

Content Ideation & Script Development

Participants will learn the fundamentals of idea generation, including using AI tools and features, and how to maximize archival and future content with industry best practices.
Analyzing video marketing trends and social media best practices will support the Trainee in generating content ideas in their niche market.
Participants will choose 1 to 3 content ideas and apply the fundamentals of storytelling, while developing their key content ideas into detailed scripts using technical aspects of scriptwriting, scene structuring, and shot listing.
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Module #2

(2 hrs.)

Videography 101 – The Building Blocks of Video

This module delves into the technical aspects of video creation, including the principles of composition, framing, shot types, camera angles, lighting, and sound.
Participants will learn how to apply these principles to create visually appealing and effective videos.
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Module #3

(2 hrs.)

Equipment Training & Pre-Production

This module provides hands-on training with video production equipment, including cameras, microphones, and lighting setups.
Participants will practice setting up and using equipment in a controlled environment.
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Module #4

(6 hrs.)

Shooting & Production

This extensive module involves executing a full day of shooting, applying all the technical and theoretical knowledge gained throughout the course.
Participants will shoot footage for their video project(s) identified in Module #1 under the guidance of their Facilitator.
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Module #5

(8 hrs.)

Hands-On Training & Content Creation

This module covers video editing techniques, including effects, transitions, and color grading.
Participants will edit their final video project in multiple sessions to ensure understanding of editing software and techniques.
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Module #6

(2 hrs.)

Social Media Strategy for Video Content

Participants will learn the strategic elements of using video content on social media platforms, including best practices for different platforms, content repurposing, and engagement strategies.

By the end of this program, participants will have a thorough understanding of the foundations of
social media video production techniques and be equipped to produce high-quality video
content that aligns with their brand objectives and engages their target audience.

Add-Ons Available

Enhance your program with an add-on and enjoy a 50% discount, extending your experience to either 33, 36, or 39 hours, depending on the original 30-hour program.

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the grant) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

6 hours $1998 ($999 with the program) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

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