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Modern Muse Media Productions

Here’s a little more information about who we are and the work that we’ve done.



We meet some interesting people and get to listen to some incredible stories. One of our favourites was a project we did for Make Something Edmonton in association with Edmonton Economic Development Corporation. “Edmonton Women – Untold Stories” was 5 vignettes, produced in documentary style, with the aim of telling each woman’s story in two minutes or less. At the same time, we shot ‘behind the scenes’ footage in order to tell the story again from a different angle.

Story #1
Dr. Helen Steed

Story #2
Jasmine Ramsay and Michelle Graff

Story #3
Reakash Walters

Story #4
Connie Stacey

Story #5
Lana Whiskeyjack


What’s your story?

Everybody needs good stories. We believe that good stories can inspire us, heal us, call us to our higher selves, remind us what really matters, and make our world a better place. We believe those types of stories must be told and shared.

With our video mentorship programs, we train and encourage people to join us in telling and sharing great stories.

We’re video storytellers. We teach video storytelling.

Modern Muse Media offers professional video production services. From concept to camera, from motion graphics and mastered audio, we can produce and deliver video content for any size of screen or scope.


Life Of A Producer

For many businesses active on social media, a daily vlog style video is a solid branding tool. “Life Of A Producer” is Modern Muse’s proof of concept video series. Half ‘daily vlog’ and half ‘work-in-progress’ documentation, it presents a number of styles easily copied by others, and produced with nearly zero cost. It can be used to help build connection, audience, and brand identity in a fun and unique way. Our SMVTP program teaches candidates how to do this.

Our bona fides

Modern Muse is a group of media industry professionals with decades of collective experience, clear across the media landscape, working together to bring the stories that matter to the screens that matter – yours and your clients’.

We are based in Edmonton, Canada.

For more information, to book an appointment, or just to have a chat and share stories, please contact us. And by all means say “hello” and connect with us on social.