Josie Rourke


Josie Rourke

Jesse Szymanski | December 16, 2020

Victoria Mahoney is an American filmmaker and actress best known for her debut feature,Yelling to the Sky, which she shot with two takes maximum in a total of 18 days! Her feature debut was developed through the Directors and Screenwriters Sundance Institute Labs, leading her to be named one of, "25 New Faces of Independent Film" by Filmmaker Magazine.

Born and raised in New York, Victoria wanted to pursue an acting career and began her theatrical training in Shelley Winters exclusive classes at the Actors Studio. After several small parts, she eventually withdrew from acting to pursue film studies. She has worked on various programs including the popular Netflix series, "You" and "Seven Seconds," and is on board with the directorial team of the newest Star Wars film, becoming the first Black woman to be in that role.

"My overriding intentions as a filmmaker, is to tap into individual inquiries and reflect-whatever is hidden. Inspiring an audience’s need for further inquiry into whatever stories, wishes, wants, hungers, desires, questions or aches-presently propel them. From my filmmaking, I’d love audiences to receive some measure of inspiration; to investigate the human condition.” - Victoria Mahoney

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