December 2021

Tik Tok workshop


We are SO excited to announce our NEW offering to kick off 2022, to help YOU uplevel your Social Media presence and video skills.

Say hello to the all-new TIKTOK & IG REELS WORKSHOP!

With the digital landscape changing - and FAST! - it's so important to stay on top of new trends. Stay relevant and in-the know by attending one of our upcoming 1-Day Intensives with new dates in February and April 2022! But don't wait long - we're only taking 6 clients for each date so sign up asap before it fills up!

This Month's Branding Tip & Announcements



You don't need to reinvent the wheel! There are so many examples out there to inspire you when it comes to personal branding.

Take a look at some of your personality traits, your products, your services, you name it! You can see what content is out there already, resonating with audiences and performing well.

Personal brands are everywhere these days. So get out there, get inspired, and feel confident about it. It's only going to better your business.


Heads up! The deadline for business owners to participate in the Canada-Alberta Job Grant is February 28, 2022!

So if you're a business owner who wants uplevel your video skills by becoming an SMVTP trainee yourself, we recommend contacting us ASAP to discover how you can take advantage of this amazing grant opportunity to uplevel your video skills with the help of our team.

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