Content Creation Training Program
30 Training Hours

Delivered virtually or in-person – based on client preference

Eligible for Canada Alberta Job Grant covering 2/3 of the total cost $10,000 CAD + GST
 ($3,333.03 CAD + GST after Grant Application)

Seize this opportunity to invest in your future, with the majority of the expense offset by the generous grant support.


Module #1

(2 hrs.)

Client Consultation, Needs Assessment & Site Visit

The Facilitator will work with the client to develop a comprehensive needs assessment, followed by goal setting and defining specific objectives. An assessment of current content strategies, social media channels and engagement, analytics, content creation capacity, and equipment will be crucial in creating a customized training experience for the Trainee(s). The Facilitator will visit the site in person to assess the current space for content creation and setting.

Module #2.1 

(2 hrs.)

Content Creation Strategy Pt. 1: Platform Specific Strategies

With a clear picture of the clients’ current social media footprint with the needs assessment from Module #1, this Module will focus on creating a specific – and realistic – content creation strategy. In Part 1 of this Module, we’ll dive into the client’s platform(s) of choice, and specific strategies to make their content pop. The Facilitator will support the client in understanding the context of the platform, user behaviour, demographics, and ways to maximize their reach to ensure their future content is set up for success by analyzing current content performance via their Social Media Analytics panels. 

Module #2.2 

(3 hrs.)

Content Creation Strategy Pt. 2: Ideation & 90-Day Plan

Now that we understand where the client wants to claim their space in the social media world, and the context and demographics of where they want to post, we’ll create a specific 90-Day Content Strategy based on the client’s business themes. We’ll look at a possible posting schedule, brainstorm up to 20 new pieces of content, perform niche-specific hashtag research and develop a unique hashtag strategy, along with exploring scheduling platforms to make your content goals actionable. The client will walk away with a customized 90-day Content Creation Strategy with the help of their Facilitator, along with tailored hashtags to maximize engagement and exposure.

Module #3

(3 hrs.)

Using AI For Content Ideation & Creation

With a clear strategy in place, let’s bump it up a notch! The Facilitator will support the client in exploring the many new AI options available to generate new content ideas, engaging captions, and high-converting sales copy to support their 90-day action plan developed in Module #2. The client will learn the latest strategies for maximizing AI technology, and how to use it to their full advantage, including to streamline their content creation.

Module #4

(18 hrs.)

Hands-On Training & Content Creation

Lights, camera, action! Taking all of the ideas from the previous modules, the Facilitator and Trainee will put them to the test with a practical, hands-on session(s). Trainee(s) will walk away from Module #4 with ready-to-use content, along with an upleveled skillset and toolkit for maximizing their efficiency and output. Trainee(s) will learn the best practices for capturing footage on a phone, the most user-friendly and cost-effective equipment options, while using the most efficient on- and off-platform editing tools to streamline their content creation efforts. Clients can expect to create 7 – 10 pieces of content depending on themes and complexity of the project(s).

Module #5

(2 hrs.)

Review, Feedback & Future Planning

Now that the client has created and posted content specific to their 90-Day Content Strategy, we’ll review content performance, analytics, and internal content creation challenges. With this analysis and the help of their Facilitator, the client will identify any roadblocks to implementing their 90-Day Content Strategy and create adjustments and improvements where needed.

Module #6

(1 hrs.)

Final Consultation & Documentation

That’s a wrap! Module #6 will review the clients achievements throughout their training program, while providing an opportunity for feedback and further refinement of their goals and objectives. Consultation on current or future content creation plans can also be explored. 

Add-Ons Available

Enhance your program with an add-on and enjoy a 50% discount, extending your experience to either 33, 36, or 39 hours, depending on the original 30-hour program.

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the grant) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

6 hours $1998 ($999 with the program) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

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