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  2. any goddess presiding over a particular art.


A professional, full-service media production company, that specializes in trainig individuals and businesses how to produce and use video for their social media platforms.


To work with companies, businesses and individuals, alike, to teach them how to create compelling video for their favourite social media platforms.


To create excellent long-form, short-form and micro video content, with our clients and on our own, while also training, mentoring and providing opportunities for women interested in video production careers.


To produce effective, modern, micro-video content for social media platforms with a world-class understanding of today's modern storytelling trends and techniques. Also to offer unique training programs to teach your company how to do the same.

And here's our playbook...

Modern Muse Media guides clients (individuals and businesses) through their creation process, and shows how to create content for distribution on whatever media platform best suits their needs. In addition, we work with our clients to analyse social media data so that they can easily see what works and what doesn't. We're living in a new and constantly changing media world and Modern Muse is all in.

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Learn to leverage video to take your social media content to the next level.


Jesse Szymanski

Founder | CEO

With a mandate to train, mentor and empower, Modern Muse Media is Jesse's latest adventure in an ever-changing multi-media landscape. With nearly two decades of executive producing, hosting, writing, directing, post-production, social media, promotion and marketing, Jesse is now focused on helping industry professionals build their brand meaningfully. Modern Muse Media is a video production company that teaches businesses and individuals how to produce their own video for social media, how to build up their social brand and how to take their social media marketing to the next level through video.

Jesse's career path has included executive producing and launching several award-winning television series. Her latest web series, "Life of a Producer", profiles incredible women she meets on her journey and shares their meaningful stories. Her achievements led to a cover feature in Avenue Magazine's "Top 40 under 40"m and being twice nominated for the Mayor's Celebration of the arts Award for Excellence in Artistic Management. Jesse dedicates time to sit on the board of GIFT (Girls in Film & Television) is past Vice-President of Women in Film and Television Alberta (WIFTA) and is a supporter of EDSNA (Eating Disorder Network of Alberta).

Follow Jesse in the Modern Muse episode vlog production, "Life of a Producer" across social to watch how it all goes down.


Melissa Lamoreaux

SMVTP Facilitator

Melissa Lamoureux is a multi-passionate entrepreneur bringing together her skills and expertise in both the digital marketing and media world with her passion and extensive training in mindset and trauma work.

Melissa works with small businesses to elevate their online presence through effective storytelling and videography skills, is a facilitator for Modern Muse Media’s signature Social Media Video Training Program, while also running a Trauma-Informed Transformational Coaching Practice where she helps self-aware go-getters clear emotional and psychological roadblocks through 1-1 coaching and small group therapy sessions.


Sarah McKinley

Videographer / Editor / Associate Producer

Sarah McKinley is a recent NAIT Radio and Television graduate excited to be starting her career in video production. She has a passion for production, and loves being behind the camera or in an edit suite. She has experience shooting and editing corporate, documentary, news and creative videos. Sarah hopes to grow in her position at Modern Muse Media and expand her knowledge of the industry.