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30hr Online Course Media Video Training

30 Training Hours

(Delivered Virtually)

Eligible for Canada Alberta Job Grant covering 2/3 of the total cost ($10,000 CAD + GST before Grant Application)


Module #1

(1 hrs.)

Company Objectives, Equipment Assessment & Recommendations

The Facilitator will do a top-level introduction of the training journey to the Trainee, go in depth into the desired learning outcomes, as well as an audit of the current equipment on hand, providing equipment recommendations where needed. The Facilitator and Trainee will map out the training schedule of the Modules listed below.

Module #2 

(1 hrs.)

Course Hosting Platforms

Exploring the many options available to the Trainee when it comes to course hosting platforms will be an integral part of creating a successful plan of action to support the Trainee in their learning objectives. The Facilitator will examine the different course hosting platforms with the Trainee to determine which of the platforms will best support the client’s short and long term goals.

Module #3

(1.5 hrs.)

Brand Voice + Company Why

Clarifying brand voice is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating ongoing, consistent content that represents the Trainee’s brand well. Together, the Facilitator and Trainee will define their company’s ‘voice’, or ‘personality’, have a close look at who their customers are, and get clarity around the company ‘why’ to ensure brand consistency in their video content.

Module #4

(1.5 hrs.)

Videography Composition, Shots & Framing

This Module dives into the tool-kit of the modern social media video content producer and highlights common videography skills and tools. The Trainee will learn the different variations of shots, how to use framing and angles to tell a specific story and convey specific information to their audience.

Module #5

(0.25 hrs.)


Lighting is a key component of any video – the Facilitator will explore the three different types of lighting that can be used when creating video content, how to find the best light, and the typical set-up for three-point artificial lighting. Equipment recommendations and the current light available within the client’s space will also be discussed as needed.

Module #6

(0.25 hrs.)


Moving into the script writing and shooting processes in the upcoming modules, Idea Generation focuses on getting the ideas flowing. We’ll look at a number of video examples from both the client and the Facilitator to figure out the type and styles of videos you like best.

Module #7

(2 hrs.)

Studio Setup (if Applicable) & Equipment Training

Creating an on-going production space (if needed) will be the focus of this Module, along with getting comfortable with the proper tools for filming, sound and lighting for consistent, quality video production. This Module focuses on creating a no-pressure space for the Trainee to create a filming space, get familiar with their camera/phone, sound and lighting equipment while also doing a practice set up (micing, mic check, setting up lights, practicing framing, shots and angles, etc.).

Module #8

(3 hrs.)

Practice Shooting & Editing With CapCut

With shots, angles, framing, lighting and sound covered, this module will put it into practice. The Facilitator will give the Trainee a shooting assignment to put into practice everything they’ve learned in the previous modules, using the CapCut app to edit their footage and create a finished video.

Module #9

(1.5 hrs.)

Production Idea Generation

Moving into the script writing and shooting processes in the upcoming modules, Idea Generation focuses on getting the ideas flowing. The Facilitator and Trainee will look at a number of video examples to clarify the type and style of videos the Trainee prefers. This will help them craft a video project that represents their brand and stylistic preferences well.

Module #10

(1 hrs.)

Script Writing

Trainees will take their ideas from the Ideation Module and begin to brainstorm further concepts to bring their story to life. The Facilitator will assist in story structure and mapping out a script scene by scene, as well as creating a shot list or voice over script where needed.

Module #11

(0.5 hrs.)

Pre Production & Logistics

Part of every Production day is the Pre-Production process where the logistics of the Shoot Day are mapped out and all parties involved are informed of the when, where, and how of filming. Additional logistics can include props, catering, accessing the location, or specific equipment requirements. The Trainee with the support of the Facilitator will map out any required logistics needed for their scheduled Shoot Day.

Module #12

(6 hrs.)

Shoot Day

The Shoot Day is where all of the previous completed Modules come together! The Trainee will put to use all of the knowledge and practice skills they’ve learned up to this point to shoot the footage needed for their final video project with the assistance of their Facilitator.

Module #13

(0.5 hrs.)

File Organization

An important piece of moving into the Editing phase of the Trainee’s video project is understanding file organization and structure, as well as the interface of their Editing Software of choice. The Facilitator will guide the Trainee in understanding how best to organize their footage and video assets, ensuring a smooth editing process and that all the Trainee’s video projects moving forward are efficient.

Module #14

(7.5 hrs.)


The Editing Module(s) will focus on creating the Trainee’s finished product. This Module is broken down into 2 – 3hr sessions for maximum learning and retention. The Trainee will learn how to navigate the editing software interface, along with all of the basic video editing functions needed to create a professional looking video.

Module #15

(2 hrs.)

Social Media, Repurposing & Uploading Your Course Content

The Facilitator and Trainee will dig into one of the most important parts of managing social media video – understanding best practices for each Social Media Platform, along with how to repurpose content, scheduling software options, commenting best practices and how to upload course content to the hosting platform of choice. By the end of this module, candidates will understand how to use the video(s) they produce on chosen platforms to get the most out of their creative output.

Add-Ons Available

Enhance your program with an add-on and enjoy a 50% discount, extending your experience to either 33, 36, or 39 hours, depending on the original 30-hour program.

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the grant) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

6 hours $1998 ($999 with the program) 

3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 

What Do Our Clients Say?

River City Events
River City Events
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I can't say enough great things about Modern Muse Media and their video and editing training courses. With their help, our business was able to significantly improve our social media strategy and provide added value to our clients through a series of product tutorials. Our instructor, Melissa, was phenomenal to work with and provided us with a wealth of knowledge and practical instruction.
Hibco Construction
Hibco Construction
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We decided to do the Video Training Program with Margaux, and so far it's one of the best decisions we made. Jesse and their team are extremely energetic, professional and have a ton of expertise! Can't wait to see what's in store for our Marketing Future thanks to Modern Muse!
That deCor
That deCor
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If you are a business owner interested in social media...take the video production workshop sooner than later!!! I have been doing videos for 3 years now and as far as I’m concerned I was doing it all wrong up until now!!

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