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21hr Video Production Training Program

21 Training Hours (delivered virtually or in-person – based on client preference)

Training Investment: $7,000 CAD + GST

Module #1 (.5 hr): Onboarding, Equipment Assessment & Recommendations


In this module, the Facilitator will do a brief top-level introduction of the training journey to the Trainee, as well as an audit of the current equipment on hand, providing equipment recommendations where needed. The Facilitator and Trainee will map out the training schedule of the Modules listed below.

Module #2 (1 hr): Shots, Framing & Angles


Shots, framing and angles are one of the key components of good videography. In this Module, the Trainee will learn the different variations of shots, how to use framing and angles to tell a specific story and convey specific information to their audience.

Module #3 (1 hr): Lighting


Trainees will learn the fundamentals of lighting; how to work with natural light, ambient light, as well as artificial light.

Module #4 (.5 hr): Sound


Good audio is integral to good videography. In this Module, the Trainee will learn some of the basic skills for setting up effective audio, best practices around miking, sound checking and how to reduce background noise.

Module #5 (1 hr): Idea Generation

The Trainee, in collaboration with the Facilitator, will review a number of types and styles of video as they move into creating their own script and full production video. The client will be required to bring video examples they like to the session to support the ideation process.

Module #6 (2 hrs): Script & Storyboarding

In this Module, Trainees will take their ideas from the Ideation Module and begin to brainstorm further concepts to bring their story to life. The Facilitator will assist in story structure and mapping out a script scene by scene, as well as creating a shot list or voice over script where needed.

Module #7 (2 hrs): Equipment Training


Getting comfortable with the proper tools for filming, sound and lighting is an integral part of the learning process. This Module focuses on creating a no-pressure space for the Trainee to get familiar with their camera/phone, sound and lighting equipment, while also doing a practice set up (micing, mic check, setting up lights, practicing framing, shots and angles, etc.).

Module #8 (1 hr): Pre-Production & Logistics

Part of every Production day is the Pre-Production process where the logistics of the Shoot Day are mapped out and all parties involved are informed of the when, where, and how of filming. Additional logistics can include props, catering, accessing the location, or specific equipment requirements.

Module #9 (5 hrs): Production (Shooting)

The Shoot Day is where all of the previous completed Modules come together! The Trainee will put to use all of the knowledge and practice skills they’ve learned up to this point to shoot the footage needed for their final video project with the assistance of their Facilitator.

Module #10 (1 hr): File Organization & Intro to Editing Software

An important piece of moving into the Editing phase of the Trainee’s video project is understanding file organization and structure, as well as the interface of their Editing Software of choice. This will ensure a smooth editing process and that all the Trainee’s video projects moving forward are efficient.

Module #11 (6 hrs @ 3 X 2hr Sessions): Editing

The final Module in the 21hr curriculum will focus on creating the Trainee’s finished product. This Module is broken down into 3 X 2hr sessions for maximum learning and retention. The Trainee will learn all of the basic video editing functions needed to create a professional looking video.

(Two-thirds also covered when you add these on to your program. This would make your program 33 or 36  or 39 hours based on the 30 hour program)
Instagram Reels – 3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 
TikTok – 3 hours $999 ($499 with the program) 
YouTube Shorts 3 hours $999 ($499 with the grant) 
Canva – 3 hours $999 ($499 with the grant)
Intro to Podcasting – 6 hours $1998 ($999 with the program)
Content Mapping and Batch Production – 3 hours $999 ($499 with the program)

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